We accomplish this by utilizing our extensive experience to find proven solutions to our customers' unique needs.

Every project has its challenges in balancing the three pillars of success.

We meet those challenges with the highest integrity and extreme focus.

We have a broad range of experience and specialize in restaurants, night clubs, microbreweries, and projects that involve hospitality services. We build everything from simple tenant improvements to ground-up construction. Our metal fabrication shop allows us to build customized pieces to satisfy any specialized specifications.

American Bar and Restaurant Supply extensive resources allow us to provide our customers with the exact equipment they need at the best price available and on a timely basis.

Let us help you build your dream!

On Budget

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Or email us at: info@mahaloconstruction.com

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With over 30 years of experience, Mahalo Construction and American Bar and Restaurant Supply has helped our customers realize their dreams by successfully executing their construction projects and providing the commercial kitchen and bar equipment they need.

Our goal for every project is to deliver what we

call the three pillars of success in construction:

On Time

Mahalo ConstructionBuilding in Arizona & HawaiiAmerican Bar & Restaurant SupplyBuilding Our Customers’ Dreams & Equipping them too!

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Building Our Customers’ Dreams & Equipping them too!